For the Love of a Life Well Lived


These are not your grandpa’s home movies. You know the ones. The ones where you sat through hours of film strips with little to no sound, grainy video and a super small screen. But you did it, because you absolutely love seeing your family members in motion. Seeing how grandma walked around with your mom on her hip, how young and handsome your dad was riding his favorite horse, the footage of yourself, just a few years old, sitting around the campfire. Video makes our memories come to life. Your family video can be whatever you want to capture. My favorites are just seeing the routine of the day. The breakfast in jammies, house as-is, playing in the yard, bike to the park, melt down or two, piggy back rides from dad, bubble bath, giggles and goodnight kisses kind of days. That’s real life. And it goes by in a flash. You’ll be able to see how it looked as your toddler waddled around and the sound of their laugh. And they will be able to watch these videos years from now with their own kids and watch how your face looked as you wiped the jelly off their cheeks, the sound of your voice reading their mom or dad a book and how you picked them up and tickled them until they couldn’t breathe. Those are the memories to hold onto forever.