Pricing and FAQ’s

~Family Sessions~

A Life Well Lived // family videos ~ Starting at $800

What do you want to pass on to your children and grandchildren one day? What memories are you really going to look back on to laugh, cry or reminisce over? These sessions are not your traditional family photos. It’s your family, unposed. Real, raw, a little bit messy and whole lot of love. Authentic moments are captured on video and in photographs. On shooting day, we will just have fun. I will follow your family while you interact and play, capturing everything on video and in photography stills. These shoots take place in your home, out camping or any other location/activity that your family enjoys. It’s not about how clean or well designed your house is. It’s not about whether you’ve worked out in the last year. It’s about your family, exactly how you are, in the every day.


~Birth Video Sessions~    

Starting at $1800

Your baby’s birth story will be beautifully and tastefully captured from the time you are in active labor until approximately 2 hours post partum. During that time, I take video and photographic stills from a fly on the wall perspective. I tell your story, even the little details that are so easily forgotten.

A mini maternity session is included in the Signature package. This session is done in or around your home, birth video set to music, provided in digital format, edited digital images on USB and also in 4×6 prints, Just Born session or At Home newborn session completed within 1 week of birth, custom keepsake box for prints and beautiful 10×10, 30 sides lay flat album.


Just Born  $400

This session is done with 48 hours of your baby’s birth. I will come to the hospital, birth center or your home and capture your baby’s little details, first time meeting siblings or extended family, breastfeeding and daddy bonding. These sessions are a perfect add on to birth sessions for when mom and dad are rested and showered and baby has been bathed and fed. Just Born sessions are also the perfect alternative for a family who is  not quite ready for a full birth video/photo session.

Lifestyle Newborn $400

Done in the comfort of your home, these are natural, unposed photos and video of you enjoying your new baby within the first month of life. Why not an earlier deadline? Because giving birth and being born is hard work! You may not feel up to having someone in your home within one week post partum and that’s okay. After a couple weeks, you and your baby know one another a bit better, feeding has becoming easier and siblings have gotten more comfortable. So whether you decide for me to meet you at home the day you bring baby home or when they are turning 1 month, you will have an amazing keepsake film and photo album to remember that fleeting, beautiful time.

At Home Lifestyle Newborn

Birth FAQ’s 

What does birth videography entail?

-Each birth story is a very personal experience! Whether you are delivering at home, a birth center or hospital, your story will be uniquely different than anyone else’s. Your story could start while you are laboring at home or after you have already checked in for an induction. I am there to capture the day (or middle of the night!) exactly how it happens. It is my goal to capture all the moments, big and small throughout labor, delivery and the first hours after your little one has arrived.

When should I contact you?

-Since I only take a select number of births per month, I recommend contacting me after you have confirmed with your doctor or midwife to give me a heads up on your EDD. Have a special circumstance or you just now found me and you’re already 37 weeks? No problem! Drop me a note and we’ll work it out!

How long are you at the birth?

-I will come as soon as you would like, however, it is best to let you labor for a little bit without the stress of knowing others are “watching and waiting”. If you have a doula, they will have a great idea of when this time will be! But please give me a heads up call or text when you know you are in labor so I can prepare a bit and get my child care notified.

-After baby is born, I usually stay approximately 2 hours. I love to capture those bonding moments, weighing, measuring and the moments when baby is really taking in the world for the first time.

How long are you on call?

I am on call 2 weeks before and after your estimated due date. However, knowing that some babies are eager to make their appearance sooner than that time frame, I like to keep in contact with you in your last month, especially when you start having your weekly appointments. If for any reason, I am out of town or attending another birth and you go into labor earlier than 38 weeks, I have an amazing network of backups that can fill in for me. We will talk about that scenario and you will have the opportunity to see examples of their work ahead of time!

How graphic are the photos and video?

-We will talk about this more during your consultation. I will only photograph and video what you have asked me ahead of time to capture. If you would like crowning shots, I can absolute take those! If that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, no problem! And if you change your mind during labor, I adjust quickly! If you do decide on crowning or intimate shots, no worries that they will be seen by anyone accidentally, they are put into a separate file on your USB labeled as such.


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